Team Sponsors

The news that all Speedway fans in Suffolk and indeed further afield have been waiting for is out - the Mildenhall DJS Fen Tigers, proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery, will race in the 2023 National Development League [NDL].

The West Row-based club’s future had looked in doubt after a significant drop in their crowds during a difficult 2022 campaign and increased running costs in the context of the Cost of Living crisis. But the club, formed back in 1975 has always attracted fantastic, devoted support and none so more so then the incredible efforts of a Group of its most loyal fans, led by Emma & Jeremy Reader and Carol & Tim Darling stepping forward to create a GoFundMe page and running a range of money-raising events that have succeeded in bringing in considerable financial support for the club. 

Then with two private sponsors (remaining unnamed at their request) coming forward over the Christmas / New Year period, the cash needed target to run this coming season was all but reached. All that was then required was to reach a successful agreement with the stadium owners to run Speedway there in 2023. This has now thankfully been achieved and the club can again move forward.

The owners of the Speedway club released the following joint statement - 

"We are overwhelmed by the support received both financially from supporters and that provided by Emma, Jeremy, Carol and Tim. Their efforts and their support of us and the club have relit our fuse to push forward with Mildenhall Speedway and we are extremely grateful to them.  

“Speedway is secured for 2023 but this can only be the start, we will be working closely with the supporters group during the coming year on events, raising the profile of the club and fund raising initiatives to ensure we can continue into 2024 and get closer to the 50th anniversary of this great family club (2025). Our biggest challenge is to increase the support at meetings back to pre-COVID figures of over 400 a meeting. This will take a big effort and we hope supporters will back us in this and spread a positive word about Mildenhall Speedway.

“We will share financial information with the supporters group as the season progresses and hopefully if we can achieve a profit that money will go directly towards the 2024 season.”

Next on the agenda for the 2021 NDL champions, who finished runners up last season, coming close to defending their title is again to gather together a successful on-track group of riders, as the club owners went on:

“Our next job is to get the best possible team together to represent Mildenhall Speedway in 2023 in the NDL; and we will let you know rider news as we have it. We would like to thank you for your patience over what has been a difficult time for everyone connected to the club and once again say thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to help the club".