Mildenhall Speedway – proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery – are yet to commit to competing in the 2023 National Development League [NDL] following the recent meeting held to determine the shape of the division for 2023.  

The NDL sees one team exiting (with south-west club Plymouth deciding to withdraw); and one new track coming on board – Northside at Workington in the north-west.  The Scottish side based at Edinburgh Speedway, the Armadale Devils are yet to confirm whether they’ll be coming to the tapes again.  

And Mildenhall have issued the following statement regarding the issues around the 2022 league and cup runners-up continuing to participate in Speedway’s third tier.

“The owners are aware of and fully understand the concerns of Fen Tigers’ supporters after the club were unable to confirm participation in next year’s NDL at the recent meeting.

“The 2022 season was a particularly difficult and challenging one for the club, not only on the track but off it as well.  The costs of running Mildenhall Speedway went up nearly 30%, whilst our crowds dropped by almost 25%.  We worked overtime to try and make ends meet but we did lose money last season after having a successful 2021.

The statement continues,

“We have the most wonderful supportive sponsors, and a loyal but dwindling supporter base - but the simple fact is that there is not enough money coming into the club and we feel that costs are likely to increase further next year and fear crowds will stay low due to the current economic situation; the likelihood of another fractured season caused by a lack of standalone NDL teams; and rules that do not encourage supporters to attend or for there to be enough meaningful meetings.

The Group of dedicated club loyalists who took over running the club in 2019 go on:

“We never took on the role of running Mildenhall Speedway to make money, the successful continuation of a club that like you all we are supporters of was our aim - but we cannot become a charity that keeps the club running.  We dedicate a great deal of our free time running the club and cannot do any more than we are we feel.

“We will continue to try and find a solution to the problems that exist but cannot at this stage state with any confidence whether or not the club will run next year and request your patience.”

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