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A reshuffle of team resources will be needed with the Mildenhall Fen Tigers, proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue & Recovery, following the news that youngster Elliot Kelly is stepping down from his place in the 2022 squad.

Kelly, aged  18 years, would have been starting a third season in Fen Tigers’ colours but has made the difficult decision to step away from a team slot.

The north-easterner teenager explained,

“I came to a realisation last weekend when I rode with some success at an amateur meeting at my local track in Redcar, that though I was riding well, things weren’t feeling right for me – even winning races seemed like a chore.  I really felt like I had fallen out of love with racing and I knew then that it wouldn’t be right for the Mildenhall club and fans for whom I have so much respect, if I was to start the season in any way half-hearted.”

The Yarm, North Yorkshire-born teen went on,

“In lots of ways the seeds of my decision now were there last year when I began to doubt if I was really enjoying my role as a Speedway rider.  And thinking on how I’d not really missed it over the winter break, I realised that because Speedway has been for so long part of my life, I was doing it just because it was part of my life.”

Elliot is fulsome in his praise and gratitude for all at the club.

“Mildenhall has been my only club in my league racing career and everyone at West Row has been brilliant throughout my time as a Fen Tiger – I can’t thank the fans, my fellow riders and the management & sponsors enough for all the support they’ve given me.  And that extends to this difficult decision I’ve made now, with the club being so fantastically supportive.

“I also want to go on record to give my thanks for all the sponsorship and backing I’ve had throughout the years I’ve been racing and to tell fans that I do intend to get down to see you all at some point during the season”.

Co-Owner Phil Kirk, speaking on behalf of the club said -

'Of course we were saddened when we heard that Elliot wasn't going to be riding for us in the forthcoming National Development League campaign  He was a much valued member of our team and very popular especially with supporters as well, but we respect and support his decision 100%.  We know this hasn't been easy for Elliot and it is a big decision to make, we all wish him well for the future and speaking to him on Monday he has said he will come down on a Sunday during the season to see everybody which we will look forward to.”