Team Sponsors

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who attended today for your incredible patience, good spirit and support of the club.

We really thought we had dodged the rain until the downpour during the parade.

We hope you could see the determination and effort put in to get the meeting on and Greg and his team miraculously nearly succeeded. There sadly remained two damp areas on the track that made it too dangerous for racing on and with no real heat left in the afternoon sun to dry the track further the only correct decision possible was made. We will always put rider safety first at Mildenhall.

Please retain your tickets from todays meeting they are valid for entry to any of our 2021 NATIONAL LEAGUE MEETINGS.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 18th July when hopefully it will be a fine day and we can get our league season underway at home.

We would like to thank referee Barbara Horley for her patience and support working with us to try and get the meeting on. Also Jamie Courtney and Gary Flint from Berwick for their support

Thank you

Mildenhall Speedway