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The second of our messages for the meetings up to and including 20th June focus on the requirements inside the stadium during ,m. m ,m ,the meeting.

The wearing of face coverings for those 12 years and over is mandatory at all times inside the stadium unless you are exempt for medical reasons.

The club do fully appreciate that supporters have areas where they like to watch their speedway and have done for many years, but we would ask that for the opening two meetings until we receive updated Government guidance on 21st June that supporters do make use of the whole stadium area to ensure that adequate social distancing takes place and to maintain a one metre gap from people who are outside your family/group.

There are a few ‘hot spots’ around the stadium, outside the bar, the top of bend two and the grandstand where supporters gather and we would ask you to spread out in these areas to keep yourselves safe.

The walkway from the top of the steps by the fish bar down to the bar area must be kept clear. Supporters are asked not to sit or stand along the walkways. Stewards will be patrolling to ensure this is adhered to.
Please note that there are ‘No smoking / vaping’ signs in the covered area from bend one to bend two. If you wish to smoke or vape please use the open areas along the back straight or at the top of bend two.
The walkway at the front of the covered stand that goes all the way around the track to the pit gate at the end of the main grandstand must also be kept clear. Inside the grandstand please do not stand here or let children play in this area. The only exception in the grandstand are people in wheel chairs. Please stand up on the terracing area.

The bar will not be open for the opening two meetings on the 6th and 20th June.

Queuing along the front of the restaurant to the fish shop will no longer be allowed. As you look at the fish shop queueing will be to the left heading away from the fish bar behind the seating at the top of bend two and along the fence of the back straight. Please keep socially distanced when queueing and at least 1 metre apart. Hand sanitisers will be placed in this area and a steward will be there to assist you.

Hand sanitisers will be placed in all toilets at the stadium before each meeting, and on a table outside the toilets under the stand. They will be cleaned prior to each meeting and checks will be carried out during the meeting. If there any issue’s please let a steward or a member of the management know.

We shall still hold our weekly raffle, but initially the ticket sellers will not be able to come amongst you to sell tickets. Tickets will be available when you enter the stadium at the top of the steps and there will be a table in front of the pits fence at the bottom of the covered stand between bends one and two. We apologise for the inconvenience but hopefully supporters will continue to support the raffle as they have done in previous seasons.

There will be no access to the pits before, during or after the meeting and for these first two meeting’s riders won’t be able to sign autographs and chat to supporters at the pit gate by the grandstand. We would be grateful if people would not congregate in this area.

Please note that this season heat one will start at 3pm sharp, the introduction of riders will commence at 2.40pm.

It was our intention to start after meeting sessions with riders and management present in the bar area. Unfortunately this cannot take place under current restrictions.

If you have any issues during the meeting please make a steward aware. They will be wearing hi – viz jackets so should be easily visible. If they cannot help you they will find a member of the management team for you.
If we all support each other and be considerate of each other’s wishes we are sure we will get through this uncertain period without any problems and hopefully then restrictions will start to lift more and we can all get back to some normality at the stadium. Our message to you remains clear – Please help us help you to be able to enjoy speedway at Mildenhall Stadium again.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Mildenhall Speedway and to hear the Fen Tigers roar once again.

Thank you

Greg, Philip, Lee and Phil