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Mildenhall Speedway are pleased to be able to announce details of their opening meeting for 2021 - The British U21 Semi Final on Sunday 6th June at 3pm

The top six riders from our semi final and the Newcastle round qualify, joining the top 4 eligible riders from the 2020 British Under 21 Final, Leon Flint, Anders Rowe, Drew Kemp and Tom Brennan, who have been seeded direct to the 2021 final.

Young Lions boss Neil Vatcher commented: “Our appreciation to the promotions of both clubs as we appreciate with a shorten season, it was not easy to find available dates.

Both line ups look extremely competitive, with a mix of some of the bigger names in the Under 21 group along with some of the younger boys, who are making their debuts in this competition in 2021"

Mildenhall Co-Owner Phil Kirk added "This is a great way for us to open our season and we would like to thank Neil (Vatcher) for all his support in getting this meeting to Mildenhall. I am sure our fans will be pleased to see that FIVE of our youngsters will be in the meeting and it is sure to be an exciting return to the track following a gap following 20 months with no Speedway at Mildenhall Stadium"

The Mildenhall line up is as follows (in riding order) -

1) Jake Mulford

2) Jamie Bursill

3) Jordan Jenkins

4) Henry Atkins

5) Chad Wirtzfeld

6) Harry McGurk

7) Jordan Palin

8 ) Sam Bebee

9) Sam Hagon

10) Jack Parkinson Blackburn

11) Elliot Kelly

12) Arran Butcher

13) Sam McGurk

14) Nathan Ablitt

15) Alex Spooner

16) Josh Warren

The club will issue full details of this and other meeting prices and covid guidance ahead of our return to the track in the next 10 days