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Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchett's Rescue and Recovery are very pleased to reveal the two riders that complete the make-up of the team for 2021. One is probably easily anticipated by supporters the second would be perhaps harder to guess but at the Club it is felt that they have made an outstanding capture that is totally consistent with the commitment to the success of the challenging new speedway system that we find ourselves in for 2021.

It will be no surprise to many that Jason Edwards will back at West Row for the forthcoming campaign. Jason came to Mildenhall for the 2019 season and brought with him a level of professionalism rarely seen in such a young rider. He will be 19 this year and his organisation and back up in all respects is superb from his machinery to his smart kevlars and his pre-match preparations. Nothing is left to chance and his personality and pride match the efforts of himself, his family and his support team that bring him to the tapes with everything in place. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said "Jason is the consummate professional and a fantastic asset to any team at this level and there are very clear signs of his ability to reach the top in speedway. He is also a very genuine and remarkably mature rider for his age and it is an absolute pleasure to have him racing for our Club.

Jason is on a Speedway journey and it is difficult to predict where that will end, his tree is taking root and may yet become the tallest in the forest. He is an "Essex Boy" with a difference and it is fantastic that he rides for Mildenhall" added Vasey. "Jason has secured a place at Eastbourne in the Championship a sure sign of the potential we have in our midst at West Row. He is so enthusiastic and eager for the season to start and is ready to take on the new challenges that face him. He is keeping himself fit and I feel his effervescence will be plain for all to see." The Club are very grateful to Eastbourne Speedway for allowing us to enjoy his services in 2021.

Our final rider will have kept you guessing until the end and in fact he is an amazing inclusion in our side that reflects all that we are setting out to do with support from you all. We are proud to name Sam Hagon, the 2019 British Youth 250cc Speedway Champion who also competed in the 2019 250cc World and European Championships.

Sam's speedway pedigree is superb his Grandfather, Alf Hagon, having ridden for Harringay, Wimbledon, Leicester and Oxford in the fifties and sixties. His Dad, Martin's speedway career took him to Hackney, Rye House, Sheffield and Ipswich and he was also a top long track rider finishing fourth in the World Longtrack Championship of 1987 and also winning the European Grasstrack Championship in 1984 complementing his British Masters Grasstrack Championship wins in 1984 and 1987. With this rich heritage Sam has already shown the ability to follow in these illustrious footsteps and we are delighted that he has chosen to do so at Mildenhall in 2021.

We feel that this is an important capture for us and once he has settled in we look forward to watching the progressive development of this young sixteen year old racer. Sam himself is very keen to do well at Mildenhall and is the final name in what we feel will be an exciting band of youngsters thus fulfilling both our twin intentions to entertain our supporters and contribute to the new wave of British rider development in Speedway. Sam Hagon has already graduated to 500 cc machinery and has been frustrated by the pandemic at this very important time in his speedway career. He has raced at Mildenhall and is looking forward to return this time as a home rider. One aspect of the hiatus in his career has enabled the broken collarbone he sustained before the sport's lockdown has fully healed and this youngster is ready to follow family tradition and make progress in the sport. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said " I was impressed from my recent chat with Sam who is a good friend of Jason Edwards and I am certain that he and his team will fit in very well at West Row. He is counting the days to when we hope to re-start racing and now wishes to make up for lost time in his speedway career. I look forward to having this young man ride for Mildenhall in the new season" added Vasey