Team Sponsors

Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery are delighted to announce the names and details of three more riders who will represent the Club during the 2021 season. These are all riders have that worn the Fen Tigers colours previously and we are quite certain that our supporters will welcome them back to West Row.

I think that before naming the riders I should once again be emphasise that although the Management of the Club would have liked to track the team announced for 2020, this is not being possible due to the BSPL policy to reduce the points limit to 35 for 2021. The Club fully supports the intentions of the BSPL in this regard which revolve around the acceleration of the development of more young British riders and the points limit reduction is one of the parameters to enable this to happen. Whilst this has always been a desirable process the pandemic and consequential travel restrictions and the actions of other Speedway National Associations have increased the need to focus on the development of British riders. To fail to take such actions could seriously threaten the ability to staff adequately teams to enable our League system to function as we would all wish.

Sam Bebee will return to West Row and we hope that given some better luck he will realise his full abilities and make the impact in British Speedway that his courage and exciting skills deserve. Sam has suffered enough career threatening injuries that would have caused most men to give up but his determination to return and to be successful for Mildenhall are absolute and this very popular rider is once again ready to be the rider he deserves to be. Team Manager, Malcolm Vasey, had this to say about Sam Bebee. "We are all aware of the extreme bad luck that has so far decimated any chance Sam has had of a worthwhile career in the sport he loves and for the team he also loves. He has first class equipment and returns to the side fully focussed and more determined than ever to put the past behind him and make a success in Speedway. His commitment is absolutely total and I am delighted to have him back in our ranks. It was no surprise for me to learn from Sam that his equipment is ready to go fully serviced and upgraded and his spirit is high in anticipation of at last competing again." added Vasey.

Another rider returning to Mildenhall is the North Yorkshire based Elliot Kelly, so popular amongst our supporters and another rider with amazing devotion to speedway and determined to build on his very promising first year at West Row, Recently turned 17, Elliot is one of the most promising young riders in the country and Mildenhall are very fortunate to retain his services. His first season at Mildenhall as a raw 15 year old brought considerable development in his speedway racing skills which will be enhanced by his physical development as he grows older and he is a prized asset for the Fen Tigers team. Malcolm Vasey summed it up "Elliot loves it here at West Row and when you add that to his enormous desire to make it in the sport we are privileged to be able to use his outstanding commitment to both sport and the Club and 2021 will be a big year for him. He is an incredibly charming young man so popular on the terraces modest yet courageous he ticks so many boxes his inclusion in our team would be impossible to resist. He is also now an asset of Kings Lynn Speedway and we look forward to working with them to escalate the career of this young enthusiast. Elliot has vastly improved his equipment and Kelly's eye is firmly focussed on the next steps. The Fen Tigers will benefit from that no doubt especially when he takes them wide (private joke between Elliot and I)"

Last but by no means least in our list of riders for today and also returning to us is Midlands based Arran Butcher. Arran rode for the Fen Tigers in 2019 completing his season with a great score at Plymouth as we chased a place in the Play-Offs. A quiet unassuming young man Arran is an all round motor cyclist and is desperately keen to push on with his speedway career. Arran supplied some good performances for Mildenhall in 2019 and our hope is that he will move forward in his speedway development having demonstrated clearly that he is well capable of enhancing his racing skills. Malcolm Vasey had this to say about Arran's forthcoming third spell under his jurisdiction. " I am very pleased to welcome this quiet and likeable young man back to Mildenhall. He rode for me briefly at Stoke in 2018 showing improvement match by match and did much the same at Mildenhall in 2019 joining us after we were struck by injuries. Arran feels that this is a huge year for him and if he moves forward with his speedway skill set Mildenhall will be huge beneficiaries. An all round motor cyclist with experience on grass, and moto-cross I am sure that he has the ability to achieve his and our aspirations for him."