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The Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery have started to unveil their team for the new British Speedway season which looks likely to return during May after the speedway drought since 2019 due to the pandemic. Bold new plans are in place throughout the sport to develop British riders and the Club have embraced fully the ambitions of Speedway Great Britain in their efforts to energise and remodel the sport to meet the needs of 2021 and the future.

Familiar faces will return to West Row next season with the announcement that Luke Ruddick and Jordan Jenkins will return to the Club as part of a balanced septet to match the requirements imposed by a 35 point limit for National Development League Clubs. 

Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said "This has become the opportunity for something of a renaissance for the sport in this country and I am convinced that for us not only will it promote the development of young riders but also provide very exciting racing at Mildenhall, particularly with the team that we have assembled. We have had to prune our intentions to match the revised points limit concentrating on exciting prospects combined with a level of stability that should ensure that we are successful. In addition to the League programme which is necessarily curtailed because of the late start to the season the Club have been assured that the SGB will help us to stage other exciting events that will guarantee interesting fixtures throughout the shortened campaign and we will release details of these events as soon as possible". These could include such events as the League Riders' Championship, Four Team Tournament and other late competition rounds arrangements for which need to be finalised.

Former Mildenhall rider Luke Ruddick returns to the Club where his career began with great enthusiasm for the season that lies ahead. Malcolm Vasey described him as a rider with the blue touch paper alight and the show about to begin. Vasey said "I tried to get Luke into my team when I was at Stoke but Leicester beat me to it. Luke is a rider who can gate very well but is never afraid of an all out attack if he has to come from the back, I feel sure that Luke will develop further in 2021 and push his average up in the Fen Tigers cause. He lives locally and that is always helpful minimising his travel. Like myself Luke is a native of Northumberland and has a high level of steel in his racing. I am convinced that Luke's career will burgeon this season and I am so pleased that this will be as a Fen Tiger. I spoke to him yesterday and his enthusiasm runs very high" 

Luke Ruddick enjoyed success at both Coventry and Leicester since his departure from the Fens and it is hoped that he can help Mildenhall to win honours in 2021. he is a great capture who feels he still has a Speedway point to prove and will be a mainstay in 2021.

A rider that Malcolm Vasey is also pleased to see on his team sheet for the new season is another former Fen Tiger in the shape of 19 year old Jordan Jenkins. He also lives nearby and will also ride for Redcar in the Championship where he is highly regarded. Jordan came onto the scene at Mildenhall in 2016 and having had many rides at the track looked set for success at the Club and beyond. He has however had to endure quite serious injuries during his relatively short career which have unsurprisingly retarded his progress but his enthusiasm for the sport is high and he is ready to make strident advances in his speedway career having spent 2019 at Kent and Redcar. Vasey regards Jordan Jenkins as very high in potential saying "He has fought his way through injuries and has come back with reinforced determination. His attitude to the sport and direction are very clear and I think he sees this as his coming of age in the sport with an opportunity to fulfil his career ambitions. I look forward to his presence back where he belongs and with his courage and determination running high I feel sure that he will fulfil his role as a heat leader."

Looking at the prospects for the Club in what is effectively a different environment Vasey said "I am very proud of the approach taken by the Club to the new and exciting situation that faces us. It is obvious that there is recognition of the importance of our League to develop exciting new riders in an interesting mix with riders who have gained some experience. I will be introducing one or two surprises in the next few days so keep your eyes open for them. Unveiling our team is a real pleasure the future is exciting for us as we want to rebuild this Club and there are opportunities ahead to do this in what is something of a brave new world. We want our loyal supporters to help with this and having known the Mildenhall support which is where I started my speedway career I am sure that our supporters will get behind us just as they have over the years. We anticipate changes ahead to further develop the relationship between Club and Supporters and I have used a capital letter S for what is the most important element of any Club. Let's go for it, Riders, Fans and Management alike, be fearless and resolute in support and understand our new situation. 

It would be so easy to say the new scheme of things is unacceptable and close down as others have. The owners of our Club have concluded that is not the way for our Mildenhall Fen Tigers. I back them to the hilt myself and hope that you will do the same. Bring your friends to West Row let's live the dream together. Other teams have fallen by the wayside and we cannot allow that to happen here at Mildenhall. Tigers roar, please come back in numbers and show us," was Vasey's message to Fen Tigers supporters.